EEO-4 Data File Upload Instructions

EEO-4 Data File Upload Instructions

In the EEO-4 Online Filing System, filers have the option to enter data directly into the online application or submit an electronically transmitted data file (i.e., data file upload) to populate the 2021 EEO-4 Report. Please view the 2021 EEO-4 Data Collection User’s Guide: Online Filing System for a step by step guide to the Online Filing System and instructions for entering data directly into the online application. The User’s Guide will be available the week of October 25, 2021.

The EEO-4 data upload file specifications for 2021 reporting uses an Excel XLSX format. Each Excel data upload file represents one state or local government filing an EEO-4 Report, including all of their functions. Filers submitting on behalf of multiple state or local governments will need to provide multiple Excel data upload files. To begin, filers must create an account and provide some preliminary information on the state or local government in the EEO-4 Online Filing System in order to upload a data file. Uploaded data files must meet all submission requirements to be accepted. After uploading the data file, filers must go into each function and provide additional information. Filers must certify their submission to complete the reporting process.

Please use the below resources to prepare your EEO-4 data if you choose to use the data file upload process.

Data File Upload Layout and Guide

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